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LiquidSonics Reverberate V1.777 - R2R [deepstatus] Crack




76.96BitAngel EyesDeep Status Vocal Prints 1.0-R2RMix -Johann Sebastian Bach"How beautiful are your feet, O LORD" King Solomon in 1Kings 3.1,4.&5 ^^^^"BitAngel Eyes" is a title in which so many true musical connoisseurs, among them the legendary Charlie Parker, "played" (listening to) the best possible'sound of a certain day' for its (intended) sound. "BitAngel Eyes" really is the source for the sound that the BitAngel Eyes is best known for. But only the very best examples of that sound (ever!) have been used in the BitAngel Eyes. "BitAngel Eyes" is a collection of selected, extremely rare, high quality, original recordings - from a very limited (now very scarce) source of wax which never before (was) re-issued commercially, where "bits and pieces" of these masterpieces have been digitized from the originals, and where the original analog tapes have been re-mastered from their original tapes (to the best quality), in order to make these (available in the internet and traditional markets) once again. "BitAngel Eyes" consist of rare, early stuff from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and a variety of other great artists which are very likely "missing". (They are also probably the best of the best recorded at that time). The BitAngel Eyes comprises more than 1 hour of fine original material, as a great amount of the original master tapes were "lost" at some time, but have now been found, digitized and re-mastered to a high degree. The BitAngel Eyes is the result of extensive research and field recordings, as well as extensive listening sessions with many other great artists - who all agreed to perform at the first session, if the recording process was successful - on selected material, in order to find those recordings that were worthy for re-issuing (if the originals are still available). Many of the artists who contributed to the "BitAngel Eyes" are those who are/were thought of by many music lovers as the "Greatest recordings made by great artists". "The recording session" were so successful that "it could not be denied" and those artists agreed to return for a second session. The BitAngel Eyes is a complex, multi-volume, continuous "eternal listening/playing session", which does not only




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LiquidSonics Reverberate V1.777 - R2R [deepstatus] Crack

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